Vulcan Systems Research Blog

21 Nov 2016

Changes to the way that CVEs are assigned that began in October are forcing us to significantly change the way that CVEMonitor works. Previously it used the CVE ID as the primary ordering/sorting key. In the way CVEs are assigned now, ordering by CVE ID is unreliable and produces undesired behavior. As a result we are undertaking a major revamping in the way that the CVEMonitor app works. We will continue to work through the new issues.

23 May 2016

Our new passRD OSX menubar app is available in Apple's Mac App Store. It's a lightweight $0.99 app that generates strong random passwords and Diceware passcodes. It lives in the menubar making it convenient to generate a new password or passcode any time you need one. It also automatically clears its previously generated passwords for safety.

14 March 2016

The CVEMonitor iOS app is available in the App Store. It's a free app (free of ads, too) that aims to make it easier to keep track of the issuance of CVEs by Mitre. It is (manually) updated via the public feed published by Mitre several times a week.